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Sharing Knowledge Session with Dato’ Michael Tio, CEO of PKT Logistics Group Sdn. Bhd.

On the 23th of March 2017, Dato’ Michael Tio, the CEO of PKT Logistics Group Sdn. Bhd. was invited by the Faculty of Industrial Management (FIM), University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) for a Knowledge Sharing Session. The two hours talk successfully gathered more than 100 participants, mostly students and lecturers. The purpose of this talk is to provide the students, industry exposure through increasing the depth of their understanding towards the logistics industry.

This Knowledge Sharing Session was organized and managed by the Bachelor of Business Engineering students. The UMP Bachelor of Business Engineering is a dual-degree programme, with the collaboration between UMP and Reutlingen University (HsR), Germany that focuses on integrating the element of business and engineering, while emphasizing on logistics and supply chain management. The Knowledge Sharing Session was a fruitful one as Dato’ Michael Tio or fondly known as DMT shared how he established the logistics business and how PKT Logistics advances through his visionary leadership.

Through this session, students gained more insight on how a logistics company operates and are able to understand the reality of the logistics industry rather than just understanding it through text books. DMT also motivated the students that nothing is impossible and when we have a dream, always find ways to realize it. FIM would like to express a sincere gratitude towards DMT for spending a day in UMP and sharing his valuable experience in the logistics industry.