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CEO Guest Lecture Series - Development in Banking 1

CFP News Update (28th April 2016; 8.00 p.m.): The Graduate School of Business, Faculty of Business & Accountancy, UM, has invited YBhg. Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, CEO Maybank Group as the Guest Lecturer for the MBA Class. YBhg. Datuk Abdul Farid who is the CEO@Faculty for University of Malaya is also the Adjunct Professor for the Department of Finance & Banking at the Faculty of Business & Accountancy, UM. In this Guest Lecture session, YBhg. Datuk talks about development in banking focusing on the overall industry outlook, its development from where it started to where it is now. He also shares with the students on the Malaysia’s banking history vs the world. Sharing his view on the financial crisis that has severe impact of the industry from the Wall Street crash in 1929 to the current drop in oil price. Students are also introduced to Maybank history and development, their plans and strategies in dealing with the changes happening in the industry to meet the demands and also shaping the future of banking.

The lecture that lasted for about 2.5 hours, received positive feedbacks from the students with several questions from students answered accurately by the CEO. Shift 1 Holistic, Entrepreneurial and Balanced Graduates & Shift 2 Talent Excellent.


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By Datuk Abdul Farid Alias

on 05 May 2016 (5 years ago)

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