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CEO Guest Lecture Series - Development in Banking 2

CFP News Update (17th May 2016; 7.30 p.m.): The Graduate School of Business, Faculty of Business & Accountancy, UM, is pleased on having YBhg. Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, CEO Maybank Group as the Guest Lecturer for the MBA Class. YBhg. Datuk Abdul Farid who is the CEO@Faculty for University of Malaya is also the Adjunct Professor for the Department of Finance & Banking at the Faculty of Business & Accountancy, UM.
This guest lecturer is the second session after the first session held on April 28th 2016. In this lecture, datuk Abdul Farid talks about technology evolution and its effect towards the banking industry. He also talks and share with the students on the the importance of technology and what it can bring to a company. At the same time he also highlighted the ups and downs of having technology in running a business especially in the banking industry.

He also discussed with students on the question ‘What drives constant innovation from companies today? It all balls down to the changing in customer behavior where consumers nowadays achieving its self-actualization via technology. New technology has given new choice and variation to the customer. This drive also hail importance when customer is getting better experiences using technology. Their experience direct the technology evolvement and needs of a company. Therefore, it pushes the banking industry to introduce new products in-line with the evolvement of technology that meet customer needs.

The lecture that lasted for about 2 hours, received positive feedbacks from the students with several questions from students answered accurately by the CEO. Shift 1 Holistic, Entrepreneurial and Balanced Graduates & Shift 2 Talent Excellent.

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By Datuk Abdul Farid Alias

on 09 June 2016 (4 years ago)

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